Innovative imaging solutions

AlleSense has developed a unique and novel solution to label-free imaging, the NanoMslide. The NanoMslide technology can be universally applied to enhance optical imaging using our, patented, specially coated microscope slides that instantly generate colourised images providing the user with both sample composition and morphology information. The technology fits seamlessly into current workflows and works with any microscopy setup.

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A quantum leap in imaging

NanoMslide enables any optical microscope to be transformed into a powerful new tool for instant, labelfree, stain-free tissue imaging. By manipulating the interaction of light with tissues at the nanoscale it removes the need for any chemicals, specialised equipment or training.

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NanoMslide technology

  • reduces time to diagnosis
  • is compatible with any standard optical microscope
  • provides high-contrast, full-colour imaging without using any chemicals
  • has the potential for higher efficacy digital pathology

High-contrast full-colour imaging

H&E (current standard)
H&E (current standard)
NanoMslide (solution) High-contrast full-colour imaging

AlleSense technology provides maximum versatility

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Digital Pathology

The global digital pathology market size was valued at USD 882.7 million in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% from 2021 to 2028. NanoMslide offers improved differentiation of abnormalities using digital pathology

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NanoMslide can be fabricated reliably, at scale, with no significant variation in quality of output at a highly competitive price point.

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Instant Detection

The colour contrast feature means easier and quicker identification of abnormal cells. It can be applied to any tissue and is particularly relevant for early diagnosis and difficult to diagnose cancers or for intraoperative applications.

The AlleSense Team

Brian Abbey portrait
Brian Abbey
Inventor & Co-founder

Professor of Chemistry & Physics La Trobe University. PhD Chemistry (University of Cambridge) 15+ years experience in developing imaging technology

Eugeniu Balaur portrait
Eugeniu Balaur
Inventor & Co-founder

Senior Research Fellow, La Trobe University.
Dr-Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering. 15+ years experience in micro/ nanofabrication

Natalia Alvarez portrait
Natalia Alvarez
Senior Manager

Senior Manager, Business Development & Commercialisation, La Trobe University. 15+ years experience in Technology Transfer & Commercialisation

Darcelle Thompson portrait
Darcelle Thompson

Manager, Business Development & Commercialisation, La Trobe University 15+ years in commercialisation & business development

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For Industry Partners

We are looking to engage with organisations in the health, medical imaging and microscopy sector. If your organisation is interested in working with us on this technology, please contact us.

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